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    Authentic. Local. Fresh.
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    Authentic. Local. Fresh.
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    Authentic. Local. Fresh.


The birth of an entrepreneur.

Our story truly begins in El Salvador. As a young boy I recall working in my parents restaurant called Las Chinitas, that was basically an open-air spot we owned in the plaza in Santa Tecla. Our day would begin at 6 in the morning and each member of the family had their own task to fulfill; I was only about 6 years old so I got away with just watching. But, from that moment I dreamed of running my own business where I could tell people what to do. I thought it was that easy. Things were going well until a civil war broke out forcing us to flee to Mexico City where we sought refuge for 2 years before migrating to Canada.

The process.

Years went by and I managed to fulfill one of my dreams of working behind the scenes in the film industry as a camera technician. During those years, that passion to share with others my culture and food still lingered. While working on season 1 of the TV Series, Supernatural I decided to bring my mom Ana to set. Our journey began with a small tent and a flat-grill where she would serve pupusas to the cast and crew who would instantly fall in love with our cuisine. That journey brings us here, years later, where the opportunity to open up a food truck was brought to my attention. I knew I had to jump onto this chance and so I did. Thus, Guanaco was born.

Our gift to you.

Our vision to share Salvadoran culture and cuisine has been realized through Guanaco Truck, our hope is with each visit, every customer can experience even a small taste of the country I left behind.

We hope you love us and invite us over.

To request to reserve Guanaco for either private, full-service catering or public vending, please fill out our catering form. Our event coordinator will contact you within 1-3 business days with details about our catering package, pricing, and availability.

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Authentic, local, fresh. Taste the difference!

Our hope is everyone may enjoy a taste of El Salvador, come along bring your friends and family and be pleasantly surprised. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a gluten-free dining experience that features fresh, authentic, localy sourced, Salvadoran comfort food.